CITYPHYSIO in Munich can offer you fascial therapy to treat pain. Fascia is fibrous tissue found throughout the body. It is also commonly known as connective tissue and is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the body.

Fascia is normally arranged in parallel layers that are separate from one another. It is full of innumerable receptors and nerve endings that transmit sensation.

Under negative influences such as stress, lack of exercise, incorrect loading or following injury, fascia around muscles may contract of its own accord, causing it to become twisted or knotted. Nerves may become trapped, which can lead to permanent muscle tension and severe pain. People with stiff connective tissue often increasingly complain of back pain, reduced mobility or generally feeling unwell.
This is where fascial therapy can help. It is based on two principles: exercise (stretching and movement exercises) and targeted massage. Use of the two in combination releases twisted and knotted fascia.

Benefits of fascial therapy:

  • muscle tension is released
  • acute and chronic pain disappears
  • mobility is improved
  • emotional blockages resolve
  • functionality is increased
  • tissue heals faster following injury