Physiotherapy is based on therapeutic exercise. The aim is to maintain and restore mobility and functionality. Treatment essentially involves active and passive exercise.

At our physiotherapy and rehabilitation practice in the historic centre of Munich, we successfully treat patients following surgery and injury. However, pain also often results from incorrect movement patterns. Therapeutic exercise can also prevent or successfully treat disorders such as back pain, poor posture and impaired musculoskeletal function.

Our goal

Our goal is to restore normal musculoskeletal function using specific treatment techniques. To achieve this, we make a thorough assessment of your condition – where required in consultation with your doctor – and develop a personalised treatment plan based on this. We of course also take into account the general condition, age and symptoms of our patients.

Based on the findings and treatment goal, we then draw on our wealth of experience to select the most suitable treatment for you. We work with traditional physiotherapy, manual therapy, massage, heat and cold therapy, electro- and ultrasound therapy as well as osteopathic techniques and lymphatic drainage.

It is essential that the patient is actively involved in the treatment and performs the therapeutic exercises as required. Ideally, the patient should continue with these exercises to maintain general well-being following treatment at our practice in Munich.