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Our goal is to sustainably increase your quality of life with the services that we provide.

Loss of mobility and pain can have a profound negative effect on quality of life. The aim of our personalised physiotherapeutic and scientifically tested training treatment concept is to fully restore and optimise your physical functionality. We achieve this by taking both physical and mental factors into account.

We have many years’ experience in conservative treatment methods and rehabilitation. We also use the principles of training therapy in recreational and competitive sport to actively sustain and improve your physical functionality following successful physiotherapy. This is what we aim to teach you.

It is our priority to ensure that there is a marked improvement in your condition following treatment at our practice. We use many different treatment methods to achieve this. Please read on to find out more about our wide range of services.

CITYPHYSIO is recognised by all statutory and private health insurance providers and by employers’ liability insurers.


We can offer you the new treatment of medical flossing at our physiotherapy practice. This involves tightly wrapping a purpose-designed elastic band around the extremities using a special application technique.

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Kinesiological taping was developed in the 1970s under the name Kinesiotaping by the Japanese chiropractor Dr Kenzo Kaze in collaboration with the Japanese company Nitto Denko. The main aim was to support the body’s own healing processes using a special material and application technique.

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CITYPHYSIO in Munich can offer you fascial therapy to treat pain. Fascia is fibrous tissue found throughout the body. It is also commonly known as connective tissue and is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the body.

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Temporomandibular joint treatment is used for temporomandibular joint disorders and impaired mastication (chewing problems). Poor jaw position may result in a condition known as CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction).

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Sports physiotherapy is primarily aimed at improving performance and preventing injury in both recreational and competitive sport. Movement quality is improved by teaching movement and body awareness. This allows your body to perform better without extra training or cope with more extensive training.

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With personal training we help you achieve your personal goals. Whether you want to alleviate back pain, lose weight, get fit or prevent illness, we will support you. We can even help you prepare for a marathon or select a suitable sport.

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Manual therapy is carried out by specially trained therapists at our practice between the Sendlinger Tor und Marienplatz. The aim of this form of treatment is to restore coordination of joints, muscles and nerves.

Pain is often due to impaired musculoskeletal function. Manual therapy seeks to restore mobility to the musculoskeletal system by releasing joint blockages and stretching and strengthening muscles. This results in relief and ideally freedom from pain.

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Physiotherapy is based on therapeutic exercise. The aim is to maintain and restore mobility and functionality. Treatment essentially involves active and passive exercise.

At our physiotherapy and rehabilitation practice in the historic centre of Munich, we successfully treat patients following surgery and injury. However, pain also often results from incorrect movement patterns. Therapeutic exercise can also prevent or successfully treat disorders such as back pain, poor posture and impaired musculoskeletal function.

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Medical training therapy/equipment-aided physiotherapy is used in our practice in Munich’s city centre to treat loss of mobility. This is often due to continued incorrect loading and poor posture but may also occur as a result of injury or surgery. The treatment method used is exercise, i.e. training. This training improves strength, stamina and coordination.

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At our practice in Munich’s city centre, traditional massage therapy involves the targeted application of pressure and stretching to muscles, tendons and ligaments. The aim of massage is to relax the muscles, release muscle tension, promote circulation and alleviate pain.

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Physical therapy is used for pain and loss of functional movement due to strain or degenerative processes. At CITYPHYSIO near the Sendlinger Tor in Munich, we use these treatment forms as an adjunct to treatment. They essentially provide symptomatic treatment. Some forms are only available on prescription. If this is the case, the treatment costs will be borne by the statutory health insurance providers.

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Osteopathy is another focus of our physiotherapy practice in Munich’s city centre. It developed from two of the oldest treatment methods known to man – massage and manipulation. It ranges from osteopathic diagnosis to osteopathic treatment, which covers structural and functional problems in the body. Osteopathy is used for musculoskeletal disease, dysfunction and pain.

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