We can offer you the new treatment of medical flossing at our physiotherapy practice. This involves tightly wrapping a purpose-designed elastic band around the extremities using a special application technique.

The wrapped joint is then moved actively and/or passively. This method can be used as an adjunct to many current methods of treatment such as physiotherapy, manual therapy and osteopathy.


This novel method was developed by the physiotherapists Ahlhorn and Blume from Voodoo flossing, increasingly used in fitness studios in recent years. This also involves wrapping joints and muscles with a band.

Medical flossing has been used in Europe since 2014. Ahlhorn and Blume suggest that the mechanical stimulus acting on the skin inhibits the conduction of pain to the spinal cord.

The band itself may be very painful when worn due to the strong friction generated. But medical flossing has other benefits: it may increase lymphatic drainage and have a positive effect on the connective tissue.

We will gladly advise you about the different treatment options available.