Medical training therapy/equipment-aided physiotherapy is used in our practice in Munich’s city centre to treat loss of mobility. This is often due to continued incorrect loading and poor posture but may also occur as a result of injury or surgery. The treatment method used is exercise, i.e. training. This training improves strength, stamina and coordination.


During the early rehab phase under the guidance of a therapist you learn the exercises that will allow you to do the first exercise after an injury or operation. Training therapy is a valuable adjunct to physiotherapy. Training programmes on our Medical Device Act-certified therapy equipment are devised specifically for you in close collaboration with our sports scientists and physiotherapists.
Our special Technogym training equipment has a sophisticated design that allows targeted training therapy. This ensures not only precise load adjustment but also compliance with the range of movement (ROM) often required following surgery during the rehab phase or training.

A large number of patients become very motivated during training therapy when they see the rapid improvement in their coordination, strength and stamina.

Medical training therapy/equipment-aided physiotherapy is reimbursed by statutory health providers if prescribed by a doctor.